Every Saturday in September at 11:00 a.m., leading up to Oktoberfest 2022, there will be a white ceramic Mug Shot Contest. The first clue will be posted on our Facebook page and will include a picture of the mug in a location.  You will have to rack your brain to try and think of the location. Clues will be added as needed, in the comments of the original Facebook post, until the mug is located. If you know where the mug is located, all you need to do is go and take it! A member of the Volga German Centennial Association will be present to take your picture with the mug. Remember there are only a limited number of ceramic mugs to be given away. Best of luck! 

2021 Mug Shot Winners Left to Right:

Alan Freidenberger, Lexi Gardner, Sydney Boxberger, Alex Ortega, Rebekah Clingingsmith, and James Dreiling. Congratulations to all the 2021 Mug Shot Winners!