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Does it cost to attend?

The event is free to enter.  If you are 21 and over and plan to drink wrist bands are $2.


Can I bring outside food/drink?

No outside food or beverage are permitted so bring cash and support our vendors.


Do you take credit cards or is it cash only?

No ATMs will be on grounds.


Can I bring my dog, cat, pig, ferret, or any other animal?

Unfortunately, no animals are allowed unless they are service animals with proper documentation.


Is Hays Oktoberfest a kid-friendly event?

Yes! Hays Oktoberfest caters to all families, especially on Saturday with our kid friendly games.


What kind of beer will you serve?

We serve a variety of cold canned beer, including specialty craft beer from our local Defiance Brewery.


Will there be a place to charge my phone?

Yes, we will have charging stations set up around the grounds available for anyone to use.